Metal Detecting & What it’s all About

Metal Detecting in recent years has become an extremely large hobby both in the US & around the world. There are folks of every stripe out scouring fields, forest, beaches, and anywhere else they can find to go to hunt treasure and artifacts. These folks range from the die hard to the weekend enthusiast to the once in a while detectorist.  All of these folks have one main thing in common; they love the thrill of the Hunt.

All of the detectors available around the globe have one thing in common they all are designed to find metal of any kind. Metal detectors are much like cars, there are introductory models and more that go all the way to the high end. The more bells and whistles that you may want the higher the price just like with a car. But unlike auto’s the more bells and whistles or added options the higher the learning curve is. When I have a client who is new to the hobby or is looking to upgrade I feel it is my job to fit the proper detector to the skills of the client. If I advise someone new to the hobby to purchase a detector that is far above their skills, all that happens is they get frustrated and mad at themselves and mostly at me for selling them a unit that they do not have the time or skills to learn. That is why it is very important to always help the customer find the right detector.


I know that we have all been out somewhere and seen these hobbyists enjoying themselves and at times finding a real treasure. Then we get to thinking what it may be like to have that experience. Well I am here to tell you that finding a real treasure is just like winning a prize, only that you Never know what you may find or where. I talk with folks all of time that can tell true stories of finding coins both new and old, jewelry costume and Silver or Gold, cannon balls and other artifacts form battles fought. You talk to these people and watch their eyes light up and see them get animated telling the story of the find. To them there is nothing better.

The next time that you out on the beach in a park or somewhere else and you see a detectorist  enjoying their hobby stop and take a moment to talk to them, ask a couple of questions and maybe just maybe you will catch the bug and start to enjoy the thrills that come along with this great hobby.

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