Changes in the Market Place

As I shop at auction houses, flea markets, yard sales and the like, along with what comes into the shop. I am always amazed at the rapid changes in the market place. When I first started in this business there was still a market for many items collected by the parents of the baby boomers. Today most of those markets are either gone or are quickly disappearing. From the Pottery market, to Hummels and other nic nacs to even include Sterling Silver.

As the boomers parents pass on or downsize it turns out that their heirs do Not want what their parents had collected. It seems as though all they want is the financial gain that it will bring them. There was a time when these and many other items had a market and a strong one. Today what has happened is the markets have become flooded and there is no one to buy these items.

The sad state of affairs is that this is causing the market place to be in a constant state of flux. Not too long ago there was a very strong Sterling Silver market. Flatware sets and other pieces would sell for very good prices. Today most of these items will bring the value of the metal and not much more. It takes a very special pattern, maker or piece to command a high price. It even turns out that sometimes there is not a market for pieces from the high end makers to include Tiffanys. Even some of their older pieces have fallen out of favor.

The boomers are just not into the older items and nic nacs. It is the money that is playing the key role at the moment. They want a simpler life that is not cluttered with items that fill there homes and have to be dusted, polished or watched out for. So there are many items that I will not buy, and when I do I am always looking at the market before I make a purchase, when in times gone I would know the market. When Silver walks into the shop the price is based upon the Silver value in most cases and not what the item is. There are times when certain pieces command a higher price but in most case not.

For me this is a sad thing to see as I am a boomer, but an older one and I know that when it is my turn this is going to happen to my items. As I know that my heirs will not want what I had. So the carousel turns once more

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