Jim Appears on National TV – “Savage Family Diggers”

October 2012, while working in my shop Atlantic Jewelry & Pawn in Wilmington, North Carolina, I received a call from the producers of Savage Family Diggers asking if I would be interested in being on their show. I of course said “Yes”. On Dec 17, 2012 the episode was shot, to be shown at a future date.

Savage Family Diggers

Now I have to tell you about my experience. It was, to say the least, terrific!

Not only did I get meet Ric Savage but, also his wife who is a very nice person. The filming was fun. I got to see how a show like this is put together and how much is really involved. The crew was friendly and could not have been more helpful. Ric, though being a huge guy, is in realty rather quiet and soft spoken. That is until you get him excited, and then he gets bigger than life itself!

When we went to film my part I was truly amazed at what Ric had found to show me. The cannon ball was immense! I had read about the siren but, that was the first one that I had ever had a chance hold. I never want to hear one at full blast!

Now the buttons were a sight to behold, especially the Engineers button. It is not only very rare but, the Engineers were here for just enough time to see Fort Fisher built and then they were gone like ghosts in the night.

This was a great day and one that I will not soon forget! It still amazes me how one phone call can lead to such a wonderful and unique experience.

~Jim Lamonda

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