Gold and the New Reality

With Gold prices at historic highs and folks still wanting to buy Gold  Jewelry for gifts, Engagement and Wedding rings it is getting much more expensive and difficult to do. If you take a stroll through your local shopping mall and look in the jewelry store cases, you will not see nearly as much gold being displayed as there was just a couple of years ago. The reasons for this are many, the stores cannot afford to buy new Gold jewelry and sit on it hoping that it will sell, this is due to market fluctuations,  the average customer cannot afford to buy the Gold, and the value is in the price of the Gold metal itself.


A few years ago when Gold was much lower in price, the average customer could afford to buy a small to medium piece of Gold jewelry for a gift or for them selves. But the reality now is they cannot afford to do this any more. That is why we are seeing a rise in wedding rings being made in many other metals. More gem stones to include diamonds set in Sterling Silver a huge increase in beaded jewelry and much less Gold being shown. Even at the Wholesale Jewelry shows we are not seeing the large amount of gold that we used to see.


Due to the economic downturn and the major rise in price the new reality has not hit home yet. The average person knows what it cost to buy, but they are being much more selective and conservative in their purchases. The days of buying a new pair of earrings or a small trinket are gone and so has the market. We all are waiting to see where the market is going to go and the effects it will have.


So the new reality is folks cannot afford the Gold as in days gone by. That is why here in the shop we feature 98% Sterling Silver Jewelry. We are in the same position as the mainline stores. What we strive to do though is carry Silver pieces that you will not see in your average shop. To help our customers find that piece of jewelry that is unique to them, and bring them compliments from other folks, and to help you find something that you will hopefully cherish for years to come.

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